About what we do


Hello and thank you for visiting our website . We are Limerick based wedding and commercial film makers. We create bespoke wedding films, filmed in unobtrusive documentary style . Our films portray your wedding day in all its depth and detail in a contemporary storytelling fashion . We film your wedding day discretely and avoid all to familiar cliched setups with our couples. We use state of the art Sony A7 MK 3 and Canon 5D MK3 DSLR cameras which have the added advantage of being of small form factor. This really allows us fade in to the background compared to using older generation video equipment.

We also film with multi-camera setups allowing us cut between cameras during our edit processing.

We also use cinematic filming accessories such as sliders and image stabilisers, coupled with professional grade audio recorders and microphones to achieve an impressive end result to our films.

We have developed our own unique style throughout the years filming weddings. We concentrate on image quality in every shot and only the best footage makes the final cut. In the same camera style as our wedding photography, our wedding films lean towards documentary style. This gives an amazingly natural feel to the end product. We believe that creative wedding film making is also dependent on innovative editing methods. Your wedding is unique as should be your wedding film.

We also run an established photography studio - John McGarry Photography www.jmcgphotos.com Insight Films was created to compliment our wedding photography business. It was a natural progression for us to move into wedding films, carrying with us our large body of experienced gained over the years in wedding photography.

Thank you for considering us cover your most special of days.